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Friday, September 10, 2004

Small world

Photo of the Day | Headwaters Grove | May 25, 2003


Blogger ynnej said...

Marky, I think you need to start linking your awesome pictures to bigger versions of them, because I want them on my pooter to play with, but it hardly seems worth it when they're so damn small. Dammit.

9/11/2004 01:51:00 AM

Blogger ynnej said...

First of all, I hope you don't mind me spamming your blog. I don't feel like firing up a whole fucking nother program to send you an email.

OMGOMGOMG MARK we totally forgot about going to the Japantown Anim´┐Ż Fair this weekend but now I have to work this weekend and thatsucksbecauseitotallywantedtogo. Hmmph.

9/11/2004 01:55:00 AM


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