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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

egads, avert your eyes! it's a nipple!

my bog, now even those blatant flesh-pedders over at mtv are cowering under the pressure of the extreme righties. mtv has moved several of its more "adult" oriented music videos to only air after 10pm. because, as we all know, the kiddies all go to bed at 10. right? ahem. i haven't gone to bed at 10pm since i was in the 3rd grade, and even then i stayed up reading books, with a blanket strategically placed at the foot of the door so as to block out the light and not get busted by the parental unit. what was i reading? why, satanistic smut of course. i think it was "the great brain" and "harriet the spy," those godless tomes of heathendom. how i ever made it past 4th grade without beheading all my classmates, i'll never know.

and what has turned the all-powerful mouthpiece of youth culture into jello? why, it's the American Family Association, Bastion of All That is Good and American� and their new, the newest addition to their scary horde of ultra-conservative hate-spewing Websites For Non-Bigots�, such as (seriously) and

so the AFA has MTV cowering in a corner, and now ABC (can you say "Mickey M.� owns it"?) is running for cover because NYPD Blue occasionally shows a bare butt. needless to say, no nipples. just a buttcheek or two. maybe a half-second of a profile of a breast (nipple strategically hidden by an arm). oh my. the Red Horde� surly must be next. surely this sort of blatant exhibitionism of the human body will cause the End Times�?!

warning to the San Francisco Chronicle: watch your step, funnyguys, because it's only a matter of time before someone at the AFA realizes the pun in the headline of this article: "Fallout from Janet Jackson's breast-baring continues at TV networks"


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