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Friday, April 23, 2004

I blame Ynnej

I blame Ynnej and Chris Bishop for the amount of time I wasted drawing comic characters based (loosely) on people I know. I blame Ynnej because her supremo-slacking powers bring out my own slacker tendencies, and Chris Bishop because I farging love his art, and his paintings inspired me a month ago to finally draw a picture of Carmen that actually looked like Carmen. Okay, this isn't it here, but I'm going to colorize it and put it up eventually too.

But I thought I'd colorize Ynnej last night (okay, at about 4am), so here is my first pass. I still need to work on the face a bit: change the eyes a tad, make the lips much smaller (Ynnej, has anyone told you lately that you have very small lips?), and alter the shape of the face a little. But other than that, I like it. Of course, it won't look anything like Ynnej to her Hampshire friends. But you mokes'll just have to trust me; that's what she looked like at 15yo.


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