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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Warning: Blogging while drunk may be hazardous to your reputation

Okay, well I'm not really drunk, but a couple hours ago I certainly was (but I reserve the right to blame any typos on inebriation...for example, I have no idea how to spell 'inebriation', and interestingly enough, the Blogger spellchecker flagged 'blogging' and 'for' [?!] but not "inebriation', so I'm gonna say it's correctly spelled).

So Will and Olya came over after contra dancing ('contradancing'? i dunno) and we walked a block away to the slightly sketchy bar called Fred's, and had a pitcher and shots of whiskey. The latter of which definitely sent me over. Good thing we walked that one block to Fred's...

And then we came back and talked late into the night about Russia (where Olya is moving in a month) and looked at pictures of weird looking vegetables and fruits (Saxton rules), and then looked at Ynnej's latest GCC, which I am waiting for her to update...


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