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Sunday, July 25, 2004

ha. so there.

Something happened to put me in a not very good mood earlier today.

But now I'm in a really good mood. Even though I'm angry. Because:

1) I'm not letting it bother me (much), even if I do have to force myself.
2) I'm getting muy shit done on the portfolio now that I said fuggit to the goddamn buggy thing that was screwing up my life for several hours last night (hooray for workarounds!).
3) The Cure fucking rocks.
4) Dancing around in your chair while listening to The Cure rocks.
5) Looking like an idiot if anyone walks by the open doors while you're dancing around in your chair to The Cure rocks.
6) Ginger ale rocks too.
7) And I'm keeping the flowers for myself. So there.
8) Ooh, now U2 rocks (I absofuckinglutely lurve iTunes on random).


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