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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Less distracting

This desktop makes it a little easier to stay in a designing frame of mind.

Yesterday was a fun-filled day. I helped the ´┐Żber-talented artist Aaron Zonka scan some pencil illustrations that a yoga magazine is paying him to do (his first paid work!), then we looked at some photos and stuff.

Then I biked to Menlo Park for a happy hour get-together at the BBC with staffers from the various orgs at the PCC, and a few other assorted humans thrown in for good measure. Good turnout, even without pool tables or dartboards. Regretfully I didn't get a chance to talk with Velmer's friend Shannon before she had to go, but I had fun talking with Justin and Kathy and the other Kathy and Jana and Jess and others, and even Carrie.

Had a couple beers and was a little too buzzed for biking home, because I hadn't eaten anything but a bowl of chili all day, so when things broke up I decided to stay at Cafe Baroni and write long letters to Olya bemoaning life's infinite tribulations and amusing her with some photos I Shutterfly'd last week to send her.

So I got a few more pages on the portfolio done yesterday, but not enough. If I can get a few more done tonight, I'll post them and then the pressure's on. I'll actually begin applying for some of these job things...

Tonight: A farewell dinner with Julie and her new hubby Kurt, who are moving to Italy soon *snif*. Then work on the portfolio.


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