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Monday, August 02, 2004

5 of the hardest decisions of my life

In no particular order.

o Shutting down Western Front News, my first company and what I for a long time thought was going to be my lifelong career.

o Leaving the nonprofit organization I spent 12 years of my life helping to create.

o Breaking up with high school girlfriend Sharon -- whom I really, really loved but with whom I had a terrible, horrible relationship -- with no definite assurance that the other girl really liked me. (Luckily, she did. But it didn't make leaving Sharon much easier at the time.)

o Deciding to tell Diane that I had been secretly, incredibly in love with her for a year.

o Coming to the realization that Flux51 just wasn't going in the direction I wanted, and that it was time to break up the partnership and go our separate ways.


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