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Friday, August 13, 2004

And a good time was had by all

So yesterday, after my job interview in SF (which incidentally I think I have a good shot at), I had lunch with Big D, and then walked to SOMA to find the gallery where the Sneak Peek mixer for Movable Type 3.1 was a-happenin'. While the other gig might be alright, this was the company I'd really (really, really) like to work for.

I met several people who work at Six Apart (like Walt and Mark), and they seemed very cool. I picked their brains without dropping the hint that I wanted to work there.

My interactions just reinfoced my impression that the company's an extremely energetic, youthful, creative group. And made me want to work there even more, dammit.

Ben and Mena, who founded the company, were simply the cutest as they ran the demo, Ben on PowerBook and Mena on mic. And then there's the new designer they just hired, Jamison (on the left), who is incredibly cute in the way that makes ya wish you were gay -- frosted blonde hair, pretty face, cute chipmunk cheeks when he smiles (which is apparently all the time, at least at parties), dresses like he just walked out of an American Eagle catalog. And he wasn't the only incredibly attractive one who works there, by any means.

Hopefully Mena had had enough drinks that she won't really remember how I gushed embarrassingly about how much I really really wanted to work there, and then handed her my business card.

Anyway, when I got home later that night, I checked my email only to find that Anil, Six Apart's VP, had commented on my previous entry about how much I want to work there, and said I should send him my r�sum�.

Which I promptly did. Duh.

PS> Check out Anil's photos, especially his moblog.
PPS> Photos linked above are by Mie.


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