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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Another former Schoolie heard from

From Hilary Hulteen:

"...i'm living in an ancient little cabin (it was built in 1901 i believe) in a canyon village called sierra madre just outside of los angeles. though it's going to be i think increasingly difficult to be so far from the ocean (about 25 minutes), a river runs right behind the house outside my window so the sound of running water is comforting..

the email is just to pass on the word that if any of you or your crew are passing through this part of the world, i.e. LA or just on your way somewhere, consider this free lodging, whether i'm here or not. though the community here is really tight, this is my first experience living in a house on my own, and i'm stoked to be able to share it. there are a ton of gorgeous trails and a dam and a little market too - i'm just a few blocks from the end of LA county and the beginning of the national forest.. i'm also for the time being working at patagonia nearby, so if you want discounts on some super-green gear (including point blank surfboards), i'm your woman. :-)

BTW, if you haven't ever seen her photography, check it out. And she's geekly enough that she's been coding her own website by hand since she was something like 14.

PS> The photo of her gorgeous eyes featured on her homepage is by yours truly. Hils is an incredible beauty, inside and out.


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