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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Van Halen (still) rocks

Not quite 100% as hard, but yes, they still rock. Probably 95%.

I went to the show with Dave and a bunch of his friends, and it was definitely the most pleasurable experience I've had going to a concert with Dave's friends (which I've done numerous times over the past few years).

Usually this is a slightly uncomfortable situation for me. Mostly this stemmed from the fact that I don't know any of these people, and therefore it's a little hard to be a part of the conversation when it revolves almost entirely around their jobs (since most of them also work together), dissing the mutual friends who didn't come to the show, and talking about sports teams. So usually I feel like the proverbial third wheel.

Not only did I typically have nothing in common with these people (other than knowing Dave), I almost always felt even more out of place because my life was so centered in my oh-so principled job in the nonprofit sector. My lifestyle, the sort of people I worked with, the people I knew, and the interests I had, were so far removed from these people's corporate jobs and lives, I couldn't talk with them very easily about anything mutual. Admitedly, there was even a tiny feeling of superiority on my part (the holier-than-thou "I make my living saving the planet, you make your living selling shit to people"). Regretable, but I acknowledge that a bit of that snuck in to my feelings.

I seriously think that my much better time at last night's Van Halen concert, and the hanging out at Brittania Arms afterward smoking and drinking, was much more pleasurable for me because of my recent shift away from my possibly-too-many-years-long nonprofit career. It has definitely put me in a slightly different mindframe.

Anyway, Van Halen rocked. The bandmembers all look really fit, and Eddie looks healthier and fitter than ever, although some people in our group said he was noticeably hurting from the arthritis. The sound was shite but the set was tight. A good time was had by all.

And because I don't have any photos of Van Halen but really felt like posting something rock 'n' roll, here's a photo of Ronnie James Dio instead (which is for Aaron, since we were rocking out to Last in Line last night).

Ronnie James Dio | San Jose, CA | 1990


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