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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Exploring my new (work) neighborhood

I've been taking the train to SF each morning (read: I get up at 6am and get to bed at 3am), and if I'm lucky (read: get up early enough and haul ass to the station) I have a little time to kill on my walk (or bike ride) to the office, so I meander a little.

Even if I don't have the extra time, I've been taking a slightly different route each morning. It's only six and-a-half blocks from the train station to the office, but these are city blocks we're talking about, not suburban blocks. Not even surburban city blocks. A city block is about 100 yards long. That's the length of a football field. So I walk (or bike) about six and-a-half football fields.

But it's very interesting to look at the architecture, and the different stores, businesses, apartment complexes, and lofts. And I've passed several companies already that are right near my office and I didn't even know it. Font Shop International's SF office is right down the alley next to CNET (they have some of the best fonts in the world). And well-known designer Jennifer Morla's office is about a block away down Bryant.

Aside from that, it's fun to just take photos in The City.

Photo(s) of the Day
The worst kind of ghosts | Clementina St, SF, CA | October 6, 2004

Downtown a.m. | SF, CA | October 6, 2004


Blogger Stephen said...

Here's a shout across the alley from the FontShop of which you speak. Welcome to Tehama!

10/08/2004 07:28:00 PM

Blogger espd said...

Heh, I went across the street today to say hi in person. It's the first time anyone at FSI had ever heard anyone introduce themself as "Hi, I'm Mark. You commented to my blog last week..." :D

10/12/2004 02:37:00 PM

Blogger Stephen said...

Definitely a first. After some mind-reeling I finally remembered how it was I found your blog — Technorati RSS.

Let's have some lunch sometime. I'm fairly new to the neighborhood too, but I can show you 'round my favorite spots. Mail me.

10/12/2004 11:37:00 PM


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