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Monday, October 04, 2004

Why Ynnej would want to work at CNET

Photo of the Day | One of many reasons.


Blogger ynnej said...


[ wets self ]

So...when can I come visit and steal that poster?

10/04/2004 10:18:00 PM

Blogger espd said...

Oh my. If you're going to wet yourself when you visit, please bring a change of undies. And something to tie around your waist...

How about some afternoon next week?

10/06/2004 12:14:00 PM

Blogger espd said...

So I just reviewed our intern hiring guidelines, and while CNET is not actively pursuing an intern program this year, managers can hire interns if they need/want to. So, I'll keep my ears peeled over time, and mention it to my boss if an opportunity arises.

10/06/2004 12:20:00 PM

Blogger ynnej said...


10/06/2004 04:02:00 PM


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