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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Remember the Graphing Calculator?

The story of how the Graphing Calculator managed to ship on 20 million computers is a fascinating and hilarious one.

Ron Avitzur was an engineer at Apple in the early '90s when his project was cancelled and he was laid off. But he didn't let this stop him. He kept showing up for work anyway. His badge still worked, so why not?

"I had many sympathyzers," Ron writes. "Apple's engineers thought what I was doing was cool... They thought my software would show off the speed of their new machine {the PowerPC was about to be launched -Ed.}. None of them was able to hire me, however, so I worked unofficially, in classic 'skunkworks' fashion."

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Blogger ynnej said...

Whoa, I was looking at that article like, 20 minutes ago. Crazy.

12/23/2004 01:55:00 PM


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