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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Spring water from the headwaters of Headwaters

In 1999, shortly after the public acquisition of Headwaters Grove and Elk Head Springs, I traveled to Humboldt for a rally for Julia Butterfly. The other reason I went was for a quick day trip to the main grove, where I wanted to pump a few gallons of water from Little South Fork of the Elk River.

Susan Stansbury, Anamar�a Ni�o-Murcia, and I hauled that water out of the forest and down the mountain (water's heavy!) and back down to the Bay Area, where I bottled it in some attractive bottles and offered them for sale as a fundraiser for the Headwaters Forest Project (now sadly defunct).

We didn't end up selling many. So I still have the water today. That is, I have some of it. Most of it has evaporated over the years, especially the years I lived in the Mountain View hothouse I called The Studio.

The Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters had a fundraising auction last Sunday, and I donated four bottles of the water with a slightly updated and larger version of the label (pictured above). BACH's a great organization, so if you're interested in Headwaters Forest, definitely get plugged in with them.


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