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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Now I'm trendy

I've eschewed Moleskine notebooks because they seemed so trendy. Not to mention expensive. But I've been looking for a proper pocket-sized notebook for a couple months, and have been completely unsatisfied with all the ones I've seen in book shops, stationery stores, drugstores, and even the MoMA gift shop, where I thought for sure I'd find something I liked.

I need something sturdy. It has to withstand being in my back pants pocket all the time, and that means it's going to get bent up.

I use a notebook constantly since I moved to The City. There's simply so much I want to jot down. I'll pass a poster or fliers in my neighborhood and I want to look up the band or store or artist or URL; there are stores I pass that I don't have time to go in, or they're closed, and I want to check them out online later or remember to return when they're open. There are the little day-to-day occurences and oddities that one only experiences in the urban jungle, and I need to note them down before I forget.

I've been using a small spiral-bound notebook, but the thing gets absolutely destroyed within about two weeks. And it's almost out of pages.

Last week I came across a packet of three small Moleskine notebooks, only a few dozen pages apiece, and pocket-size. These are perfect: They fit in my back pocket and they're slim enough to not be annoying to sit on, they're sturdy enough that they'll last a couple months or so, which is all I need, because I'll fill the first one up just in time for it to be unrecognizably mangled, then I can move on to the next one (they came in a set of three, remember?). Best of all, the set was just a tad over $7.

They don't seem to have the three-notebook set listed on their website, but I found mine at Stacey's Booksellers on Market.


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