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Friday, February 25, 2005

Things I don't like about working every weekday 9-6

I really, really like my (still semi-) new job.

But the switch to a regular five-day-a-week work week with regular hours has definitely been a change for me. I've never worked anyplace -- ever -- where they actually needed me to be there at 9am. In fact, at the only three jobs I've ever had that weren't working for myself, I told them when they hired me that I'd be in no earlier than 10am, and if they wanted me to come in any earlier than that they'd better be prepared to deal with the psychological issues caused by my having to sit in rush hour traffic.

So here is a short list* of things that aren't that great about having to work every day 9-6:

1. Waking up at 7:40am
2. Getting out of bed (at 8:28am)
3. I don't get to listen to NPR all day long anymore, like I did when I worked at home 2 or 3 days a week. I sometimes listen on the Internet at work, but the sound quality of KQED's stream is terrible, plus it's harder to concentrate on some aspects of my work when I have people talking in my head. As opposed to those other times when I have other people talking in my head.
4. Having to either prepare lunch beforehand or eat out at lunchtime (gets expensive). Or go hungry. Which I do sometimes.
5. Don't have all my iTunes with me (only �7,000 on my PowerBook, 10,500+ on my G4 at home). Although I'd like to try to put the rest on my laptop if I can figure out how to copy all the settings too. Don't want to lose all my ratings and playlists.
6. Actually have to get dressed before noon. They frown on me arriving at work in my underwear.

* I reserve the right to amend this list.

Coming soon: Things I do like about working every weekday 9-6. (Wheee! Lists are fun!)


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