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Thursday, April 21, 2005

I have this big red bandage thing on my arm

I gave blood for my second time ever today. Considering how easy it is when your company sets it up for you, brings the blood center people in and sets them up in a big conference room all day, I can hardly think of a good excuse to not donate. I used to be pretty squeamish about needles, but I guess I'm over that.

I never knew my blood type but after the first time I donated, they sent me a donor card. Apparently I'm a rare blood type, so now I feel even more obligated to donate whenever I can.

Jerry, my doc, was a chatty fellow with an amiable smile who noticed my address on my paperwork and said he'd lived near there when he first moved to The City, and asked if I'd ever been to City Art. Which of course I have. It's a great little cooperative gallery, owned and operated by local artists. Apparently Jerry is one of the organizers/owners, and also one of the artists. Looking at this stout man with his nearly bald pate and white lab coat, who'd ever have thought he was an artist? Not I. Just goes to show you (me anyway), that anybody can be an artist.

Anyway, donate blood [1] [2] if you can. It might save somebody's life.


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