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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Just stop your ridiculous whining about her soul

I refrained from bitching about the uproar over the Terry Schiavo case, mostly because I simply get gruntled every time I think about it. For starters, 99% of the press coverage neglects to mention that she became brain dead because of an eating disorder. She was bulimic to the point that she suffered a cardiac and severe brain damage as a result. But does anyone ever raise the question, "Why was Terry bulimic?"

If the media focused for a change on issues that might actually inform the public debate, rather than fomenting the furor by only focusing on whatever issue is most incindiary, we might have a more cognizant American populace, rather than the overabundance of mouth-breathers who brought us an all-new Four More Years.

Ack, I got started bitching.


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