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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Mike Kahn

My friend Mike Kahn has landed an internship with Free Range Graphics, a politically left leaning ad agency / design firm with offices in Washington DC and San Francisco. I first learned of Free Range about three years ago when I saw one of their Flash-based viral email campaigns, one about BushCo's wonderful forest policy (it's on their website, but impossible to link directly to [don't get me started about this being a longtime problem with Flash-based websites, or Jason and I will be at each other's throats all over the comments]).

Mike's a good photographer and was influential in my decision several years back to purchase the Sony digital camera I bought and enjoyed so heavily until it died last fall. Mike's been living in SF a little longer than I have, attending the Art Institute and building his skills and his multimedia portfolio (he also does video, Flash, etc.).

Mike has some helpful basic photography tips and tricks on his website, as well as a very cool Flash photo essay on Rigo, the artist whose arresting large-scale murals are now a well-known part of the downtown San Francisco skyline.


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