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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Subscribing to the blog

I forgot to mention that, at the same time Mike told me about his new internship, he asked...

"Forgive my ignorance but is there a way to subscribe to your blog? I didn't see one. You post a lot of kewl stuff but out of site out of mind, ya know."

Well, pretty soon there will be a couple of ways to "subscribe," as I continue the move from Blogger to Movable Type. You'll be able to: 1) be notified via email when a new post is made or a post in a category you like, i.e. "Design" (so you don't have to be innundated with emails about what I had for lunch), and/or 2) subscribe via RSS.

But at the moment I'm still reading the MT book and haven't implemented the new features. So for now, if you want to be notified about updates I can just emial you once a week or so. But more importantly, I'm already planning to spam everyone I know when I've got up and running on MT, because it'll be so much more interesting and useful to people then.


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