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Friday, May 13, 2005

#1 expert espouser

In doing a little research on other sites that link back to (using this nifty tool), I found something interesting: My blog ranks 4th in Google's results (today) for the word "espouse," 18th for "whine," and, not surprisingly, 3rd for " 'splain."

I come up 236th for "rant," but that's hardly surprising, since that's the other* reason why the web exists.

Why is this interesting to me? In case you hadn't noticed, the title of this blog is Rant, whine, 'splain, espouse...

Just today I had been considering whether to lose this title or to keep it when I transition the site over to Movable Type. But "Rant, whine, 'splain, espouse..." still pretty accurately describes the contents of my little collection of meandering thoughts, so I had decided to keep it.

And that was prior to finding that Google considers me an expert on espousing. Now I'm convinced I should keep it.

* First reason = porn.


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