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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Celebrating (belatedly) Towel Day

At home sick today. Haven't even opened the shades yet because I'm afraid it's another nice day and then I'll want to go outside in it.

I was checking my email in my underwear (nice mental image, huh?) and Ynnej pointed out via IM that Towel Day was yesterday, and I totally missed it. So, being in my underwear already, I decided I had to be more like this guy and so I got my dressing gown (that's a robe to all you Americans -- and I have the nicest robe evah, thanks to Velmer), a nice, steaming hot cup of tea, and sat back down with my trusty towel at my side.

Only problem is, now every time a truck rumbles by outside, I fear they're bulldozers.

Don't have any idea wtf I'm talking about? My god mankind, have you never read the Guide?


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