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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Aaron tells of "...a find I made in high school...of a recording called Raymond and Peter: Shut Up Little Man. This is the story of some kids who moved into an apt. in lower haight in '89 next to the most vile, vicious drunkards ever recorded. After being threatened by one them ('I'm perfectly willing to kill anyone that thinks they're tough. I was a killer before you were born, I'll be a killer after you're dead' is the greeting the kid gets when he asks them to please keep down the noise), they decide to record these rantings in case something unspeakable happens as a record for police. This quickly turns into an obsession, then a global phenomenon... As darkly humorous and engrossing as the record is, the history on their site is even more so. It goes from them being scared to death, to listening parties at their apartment, to a play in LA, NYC, and elsewhere, to a radio show, to a possible movie, and on and on. It's a real page turner."

* rolling on floor laughing (and cowering)


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