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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Totally. Shitty. Day.

My computer at home had been defragmenting for 36 hours straight. I got fed up and stopped it. Then my main hard drive went missing. Then another one went missing.

That's only my main drive. My startup disk, with all my music, many months of photos, not to mention a year's worth of bookmarks, tons of work, all my applications, etc.

I got the main drive back, although I don't know what sort of trouble it'll give me when I try to back it up and reinstalling the system. Which means buying Tiger and a new hard drive to put in the box. A cost I didn't want to have to incur right now.

The other drive that went south was still trying to fix itself when I left for work this morning. I have a feeling that one's going to be a problem. The drive utility failed four times before I decided to try a different tactic, started running the routine, and ran out of time and patience and left for work.

It has all my email backups and lots and lots of personal work on it, not to mention all the files for a website I've been working on for about three years.

I got to work and my laptop kernel panicked on wake again, which is an intermittent problem that lots of people have been having with PowerBooks for the last couple years, and no one seems to be able to figure out how to fix it. I've been searching for an answer for six months. This is the second time it happened in two days. It means I have to force shut down and restart. Sometimes this results in corrupted files. Twice so far it has corrupted my email database, since that application is up when the kernel panic occurs.

Then my computer at work, which is practically brand new, started acting weird, which it occasionally does when app-switching between Entourage and Photoshop. Luckily, the crash I feared as I stared at the spinning ball (which I should practically never see on a dual G5, let alone for a solid 40 seconds) went away and nothing happened. But I saved right away.

Then Photoshop decided to repeatedly quit when I was trying to paste text into it. Text. Just text, fercryinoutloud.

Then a little man from the mail room brought me two roses. I had no idea he liked me. He never said a word.

Oh, there's a card. "Hugs, V." I wonder if his name is Victor...?

Turns out the V. was probably for Velma. She knew I was having a bad day, since she'd called me from Georgia and could instantly tell I was having one of the worst days in memory. Actually, it's a wonder the phone receiver didn't shock me when I picked it up, considering how electronic equipment's been reacting to me today.

But how she was able to send me roses from practically the other side of the country in a matter of about two hours, I do not know.

Unless they really were from Victor.

Anyway, I had to work late (second day in a row), but I'm in such a lousy mood by now that I decided it was high time I treat myself to finally seeing Episode III, since I've been delaying it for a week, telling myself I wouldn't go see it until I had all of the Ozark Handspun stuff to the various printers. Which they are, as of yesterday.

So I'm sitting in the theater, right in the middle (I actually got a good seat because there were only three other people here when I arrived), typing this because I have nothing better to do for the next 25 minutes until the movie begins.

After a day like this, I need this film to pick me up.

It better be good.


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