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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Update on the Apple iWaste campaign

From the Computer TakeBack Campaign:

"Last Friday, Steve Jobs took a positive step by deciding to offer free recycling for iPods at the Apple stores. Finally, after calling the Computer TakeBack Campaign's concerns 'bullshit,' Jobs has moved one step closer to the Campaign's call for Apple to accept responsibility for its iWaste.

Recycling iPods at Apple stores is a great thing -- but Jobs should go further than just the iPods. Apple's obsolete computers like Mac Classics contain lead and other highly toxic materials that will be dumped into our air, land and water. Apple should accept all Apple products at its retail stores. Jobs should also offer free recycling to the hundreds of thousands of Apple users who don't live near Apple stores.

We want Jobs to be the hero he can be -- and offer free and convenient recycling for all of Apple's obsolete products."

» Tell Steve Jobs: Don't Be A Mini-Player, Take Back All Your Toxic Trash


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