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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Highlights (lowlights?) of the past month

Jeesh, there's been much too much going on, but just not enough time to blog it all. So here's a brief synopsis...

My dad's still in the ICU, it's been over a month. He may be transfered to another bed in the hospital soon. This has been a very difficult thing for me on many fronts. First and foremost ? and most obviously, I would think ? I was just plain worried. But it also has meant a ton of driving up and down the peninsula from SF to Los Gatos and back. It's all very tiring and time-consuming, and a lot of the time it's unsatisfying and pointless because there's little I can do if I get there on a day he can't talk or if he's completely zonked out from drugs or physical therapy.

Of course, this all happened at the same time as mucho work craziness: We were launching A) the redesign I'd been working on for 6 months, and B) a completely new Videos section.

Velma had also moved in during this time, and living with a person in an open loft with no private room one of us can retreat to is going fairly well but nevertheless takes a lot of work. I'm accustomed to more privacy and our sleep habits and some other things don't sync 100%. There are benefits, too, but I'll address those some other time.

There's been plenty of other stuff at work happening, keeping me a little stressed. Nothing bad, just major deadlines and a landslide of projects.

I've been feeling verrrry tired and run down.

To top it all off, my mobile died completely again, wiping all my numbers. So if you call me on that 408 number, I probably won't get the message. I'm scrambling to try to get the new phone I want, so I should hopefully be able to send out new deets in a few days.


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