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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Quick update

My dad's still in the hospital, although he's been transferred to a place in San Leandro. This is easier for me to get to (about 30-35 minutes unless there's Giants and/or Bay Bridge traffic), but unfortunately harder for any other visitors, like the pastor from my dad's church, his best family friends, or my mom. Yeah, my mom. She's been going to see him every day (about every other day now that he's in San Leandro) since I told her what happened. This was initially just a bit odd, since they've been divorced for over 20 years and almost never talked with one another. But it's actually been very helpful since she could make it to the Los Gatos hospital from San Jose each day a lot easier than I could from San Francisco, and her being there every day provided me with a better idea of how he was progressing from day to day. He's doing a lot better this week in the new hospital, although it's still going to be a very long recovery.

I posted a dozen or so new photos from the desert to the photoblog, so you'll see a new one each day for the next week or so, then there will be relief from the Burning Man photos for awhile. I also jiggered the code that displays the thumbnail on my blog's pages (in the sidebar at right) so it hits the database to show the most recent thumb, instead of just the static thumbnail pic I had up there for the first week.

Willhelm asked for a desktop version of one of the photos, so I posted a larger version.

Been busy at work trying to catch up on stuff. Stellah's been working exclusively on the Music redesign (to bring it in line with my design for the rest of the site) and the CBGB stuff that happened last week, so I've been handling all the other design needs at work. Luckily, we're hiring a part-time contractor this week to do some production work.

Ynnej is moving to Boston in a couple weeks (*sob*). Which hasn't really hit me yet, I think. So we're gonna party tomorrow like there's no...tomorrow. Erm, yeah.

Gonna go visit my dad now and show him some photos from Black Rock City. He gets a little stir-crazy in the hospital, since it's noisy with beeping and humming machines and there's basically nothing to do but lay there or watch TV. So I've been taking my Powerbook to show him various pictures, as a distraction.

Hopefully, if I get back early enough, I'll have time to wash the playa dust off my bike. I was going to go for a bike ride somewhere in the city today to take some photos, but it's probably going to be too late when I get back from the East Bay and get the bike clean enough. I had a call from Tony Alves, who I haven't talked with in a few months, so we were chatting.

I really need to clean this place up. There's camping stuff and dusty clothes everywhere.


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