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Monday, September 19, 2005

Reconsider your iTunes upgrade?

Apple has acknowledged that some users have experienced problems upgrading to iTunes 5.0. I had no trouble when I upgraded iTunes on two of my three computers. But Yuliya experienced a difficulty that wiped all her ratings. That sucks.

So, before I upgrade iTunes on my main music computer at home (the one with the majority of my 15,000+ songs and ratings on it) I will do what I didn't bother to do on my laptop and my work computer. I'll make a back up of my iTunes database files.

Perhaps former Apple Genius Justin can give us some more advice?

Edit 1: Still waiting for Justin to get back to me, but I think he may still be in Europe.

Edit 2: More on mysterious iTunes problems in this post on the SeanTech blog.


Blogger velma said...

He is, indeed, still in Europe.

9/22/2005 03:50:00 PM


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