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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Buy your whole house at Ikea. No, literally, your whole house.

With BoKlok (I have no idea how to pronounce it), Ikea has entered the market for affordable modern prefab housing, something that Dwell magazine has been covering the resurgence of over the past couple years.


Anonymous Hunter said...

Heh, at first I thought it said BloKok. Sophmoric humor rocks my world.

10/06/2005 10:46:00 PM

Blogger waterlovinguy117 said...

The best part about living in an IKEA house is having shelves full of those cool Scandinavian books you see in their stores. Who cares if you can't read 'em, just make up the stories as you go.

10/06/2005 10:59:00 PM

Blogger velma said...

That's crazy! I know of some land in Missouri that we could put one on...

10/07/2005 11:26:00 AM

Blogger espd said...

Too bad they're not available in the U.S....yet.

10/07/2005 03:53:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

BoKlok = Bo (Live) Klok (Wise)
in swedish of course.

Pronounced: Boo.Clook (kinda)


/Stefan the Swede

10/17/2005 07:13:00 AM

Blogger espd said...

Well, that explains it, thanks Stefan! Beautiful site you have, BTW (I bet Velma will think Stefan's cute).

And congrats on your new kitchen; looks like it was a lot of work but turned out quite nice.

10/18/2005 10:30:00 AM


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