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Friday, October 07, 2005

Papercasting is all the rage

Well, okay, maybe not.

In a somewhat anachronistic effort, Sean Gallagher has started a plog papercast (a.k.a. paper log, a.k.a. padcast), which he bills as "dead trees delivered digitally."

By means of a pad, notebook, typewriter, scanner, and traditional weblog software, Gallagher posts his musings just like any other blogger, except not.

Complete with outbound links, comments, trackbacks, and even RSS feeds, all on paper, mind you, Gallagher's idea is one truly for the books.

And some of the scribbling are even quite entertaining. My favorite entry so far, other than the description of how a visiting cat is courting his wife, is the flowchart of his typical day posted on March 9. Although the entry describing dealings with his ex is insightful as well.

Some people haven't gotten the joke, but to me that's just further evidence that humans should probably eat their young.

Edit: I started this post several months ago but never finished it. Since I first visited it, Gallagher has A) changed "plog" to "padcast" to "papercast," and B) apparently moved the backend to WordPress, which has messed up the navigation a little, possibly giving visitors the impression that there are no posts on the monthly archive pages. You just have to click the title to view the entry.

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