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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Flickr's humble beginnings as an MMORPG

In an interview with Flickr's Eric Costello, Jesse James Garrett of Adaptive Path learns that the popular photo sharing site actually began as an offshoot of a massively multiplayer online game called The Game Neverending.

Also notable is the news that "soon enough in Flickr you?ll be able to order prints, which is a much-requested feature from our users," according to Costello.

I'm still betting that Flickr will be swallowed whole by Yahoo! (Flickr was bought by Y! a few months ago), since it's Yahoo!'s habit of completely obliterating the brand and interface of purchased properties; anyone remember the great branding and UI of eGroups? No? Exactly. Because Yahoo! bought 'em in order to create Yahoo! Groups.


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