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Thursday, January 05, 2006

MacWorld prediction: New mid-level consumer machine

Perhaps only a web designer would notice such a hint, but there's a placeholder space for a new image on the Apple website, exactly where a new addition to the mid-level lineup that includes the iMac and Mac Mini.

If your monitor's not too poorly calibrated, and you look carefully, you'll see a color shift in the gray backgound where the new button will probably be added on Monday, right about the time Steve Jobs is uttering the words "...and one last thing..." at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

My guess is that we'll see an entertainment-based Intel mini there.


Blogger monocle_man said...

Wow. That's not subtle. Seems like someone WANTED to provide a hint of what's to come...or just mess with the rumor fiends.

1/05/2006 07:29:00 PM

Anonymous J�rgen Arnor G�rds� Lom said...

It HAS been talked about for quite a while, and now, just a few hours away; I'm willing to go with the idea... Just for the fun of it...

1/10/2006 05:25:00 AM


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