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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Yahoo! continues to bolster its offerings with purchases

Yahoo!, like many of the biggies, quietly buys up other companies and then integrates their technologies into Yahoo!'s offerings. This is usually only noticed when it's a relatively well-known company they gobble up, like Flickr.

Here's a partial list of companies you may have heard of, from the SEO by the Sea blog:

The original widget makers, pre-Dashboard. Now dubbed the Yahoo! Widget Engine.
A cool calendering/events listing site.
The popular social bookmarking site. Looks like they finally redesigned and got rid of the ugly UI.
Ping service sort of like and, with social bookmarking qualities sort of like

Travel search engine already integrated into Y! Travel.

Email and RSS aggregation that's been compared to Gmail.

Music site already integrated into Yahoo! Music.

Internet telephony/VoIP. Look for integration into Y! Messenger.

» Full list and analysis...

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