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Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Are there fact-checkers at The Chronicle?"

Many people claim Apple is making a big mistake by so jealously guarding the technologies behind the iPod and the iTunes Music Store. In fact, many decry this stance as similar to the supposed mistake Apple made in not licensing the OS in the 1980s, thereby losing the personal computing battle to Microsoft.

I'm personally not sure which argument I believe. But one thing's for certain, it's not as simple as these people say it is.

John Gruber, one of my favorite bloggers and Apple experts, refutes the idea that Apple is making a mistake by so jealously guarding the proverbial keys to the iPod and the iTunes Music Store.

In fact, Gruber disputes practically every supposed "fact" in Dan Fost's analysis of Apple's current business strategy in the San Francisco Chronicle, in which Fost utters the same claims that Apple's making such a big mistake.

Frankly, Fost's humiliation makes me echo Gruber's sentiment: "Are there fact-checkers at The Chronicle?"

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Blogger waterlovinguy117 said...

and who cares????? either way?????
Can we all get our "Ford" banners and "Chevy" flags and duke it out while gritting through our teeth, "There can only be one!" like Highlander geeks. Why people waste their time constantly defending a corporation, HELLO MAJOR CORPORATION WITH A SHITTY ENVIRONMENTAL RECORD, that's no more civic minded than the average car dealer, continues to escape me. It's like everyone's actually wishing we really could live in that sterile, white, taken care of world of THX 1138. No doubt Apple makes GREAT physical and soft products, iPods, iMacs, iLife; but what it's most successful at is MARKETING itself into the cult it is. The Apple-anatics preach "freedom" while telling us they are the only "true" way at every step, completely disrespecting anyone who dares to have their own opinion, their own take on things. When you look back at the proverbial "1984" ad of yore, Apple looks more like the guy on the screen than the girl with the hammer. I'm going back to TRS 80s, the true forbearer of the future.

3/30/2006 10:25:00 PM

Blogger espd said...

Don't give me that crap, you're not going back to any TRS 80. You'd buy an iMac tomorrow if you could.

Anyway, nobody claimed Apple is civic-minded or environmentally good. This article was about their business plans and some shoddy journalism.

The true sign of someone who can't refute the argument is that he switches the topic.

3/31/2006 06:32:00 PM

Blogger waterlovinguy117 said...

"You'd buy an iMac tomorrow if you could."

I've said as much on this very space.

Look, I read through your post, through the article and through anatic-Gruber's analysis and found his claims of journalistic sloppiness lacking a certain thoroughness the most ghastly being "Are there fact-checkers at The Chronicle? If so, have they heard of Wikipedia?"

Isn't that the same source that was used to link an innocent politician with the Nazi party?? Wikipedia is cool but citing IT as a source to refute a source is laughable.

When Gruber says, "And all that music sold on CDs, and all those bootleg downloads ? I guess they don?t play on iPods?" that's hardly a use of facts to refute Fost's point that there lot's of big players out there who sell more music than Apple and may begin to eat into Apple's share of the online music downloading business.

Another example anatic-Gruber says that "This is stated as though something bad happened to the Sony Walkman." Well, something did happen; it was replaced by the iPod. As phone makers like Nokia continually add features like MP3 players and video into their products the soil is starting to get rich the promise of ONE device for everything (that is sleeker and better than the first generation units available now). So it's entirely possible people en-mass will opt to carry that one cool device instead of both phones AND iPods and there's no guarantee that device will have and "i" in the name.

Now if Apple makes a phone, great. But will they then create their own mini-Ma Bell too? And if not, then will they open up to sharing technology with Nokia or Samsung?

BOTH Fost and anatic-Gruber are trying to tell us the future from a crystal ball and each's opinions are equally at the whims of market winds yet to come. Either could be right and will look smart. Either could be wrong and will have a shoe in the mouth day coming.

I think anatic-Gruber is just pissed that his headline was stolen before he could get his copy out there first and then looked for excuses to take pot-shots at Fost's ideas and in-fact he uses the same 'switch the focus' argumentive technique that you accuse me of. At least I was trying to be funny (and WAS).

The article was way more about defending the church than exposing shoddy journalism.

3/31/2006 08:11:00 PM


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