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Friday, March 03, 2006

Distractions for the masses! Friday videos and stuff to piss you off all weekend long...

Can('t) drive 55
Students from Georgia State University decide to obey a law to show how stupid the law is.
» video
» article

"Yeti. It's Eastern European."
Ohhhh, now I understand why people like MySpace
» video

Does this make me a sadist?
Hee hee ha ha this is hilarious. A kid gets slapped in the head by a cat.
» video

Carnivore II?
The US government wants to sweep the Internet to keep everyone safe. How do Americans sleep at night knowing they voted these people into office? Does anyone remember Carnivore? Oh great, now I'm on some government watch list...
» article
» about the original Caranivore program

Yeah, I can do that
Jason, here's why I really wanna play snooker soon.
» video


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