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Friday, July 21, 2006

buy any of my CDs for a buck

Can it really be that cheap?

Okay, so there's about 75 cents added for shipping. But c'mon, we're still talking about a full album for less than $2!

I've been a member of since March when it was still in beta, and I'm not afraid to admit that it's the single most useful web app I've come across in the past year or so.

So far I have mailed 187 CDs to people, finally getting rid of some of the hundreds of CDs I got back in the Western Front News days, when I received all kinds of free music. Mind you, this is stuff I've lugged around for the past ten+ years, and most of it's stuff I never listen to.

The best part is, it's being requested by people who actually want it! I'm not throwing it in the trash bin. I don't have to lug three boxes down to Amoeba only to get 80% of them rejected by the buyer. Through lala I'm connected to I-dunno-how-many-thousands of members who have mysriad musical tastes, and eventually someone's going to want the obscure hair metal CD from 1991. Seriously, it's happened numerous times already.

I have received 183 CDs from other users, all of it stuff I selected, all of it very cool music which I have added to my iTunes. I'm listening to Alkaline Trio right now, and a little while ago it was Pizzicato Five.

I highly recommend lala.


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