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Monday, November 13, 2006

One of the reasons I love that Hunter

I come in this morning and my IM contains this message, which arrived while I was set on "away."

friday, november 10, 2006 (8:46)

I have a conundrum:
the results of the recent election show that the system still works,
more or less
Bush & Co. are probably not as evil as I thought,
elsewise they would've cheated
That said,
if they didn't cheat,
and aren't that evil,
just idealogically different,
and truly, *honestly* believe they were doing the right thing
Then aren't they deserving of our love, understanding, welcoming and forgiveness?
Instead of sheer, unmitigated hatred?
Just a thought
My love to the wife and friends

tags: humor, friends, politics


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