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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday top 5

Jeong Byuing Kee
This is an awesome Flash-based self-promo by 26-year-old Korean designer/developer Jeong Byuing Kee. Make sure you turn your sound on!

Flowers Feed the Soul
A truly amazing Flash-based site for a flower service in Singapore.

So long Donald Rumsfeld
Just because it's a classic video. The ending was new to me, though.

Jesus Camp
Adult: "How long have you been a Christian?" Kid: "At five I got saved... I really feel that we are a key generation to Jesus coming back." Scary documentary. Makes me want to go to Satan Camp.

Get Mortified
Adults getting on stage and reading mortifying passages from their real-life grade school diaries/journals, in front of total strangers. Now there's also a book to go along with the videos.

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