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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

100% so far in 2007

Yay 100%! Er, no wait... I've been sick for 100% of 2007 so far.

This is the longest cold I remember ever having. On Friday, on the way to the airport, I had to get off BART at our stop and run to the loft to drop something off, and then back to BART to catch the next train for SFO. Which meant sprinting. When I got back on the train, I was breathing hard and then something caught in my throat, like a tickle, and I couldn't inhale more than a small breath without erupting into coughs. Nothing would dislodge it and I spent the 35-minute train ride to the airport coughing and tearing up and barely able to breathe.

All weekend after that, my cold felt worse again. And I thought I was almost over it by the end of last week.

Went to the doctor yesterday because it's been three weeks now, and that seems inordinately long to have a cold. She gave me some pills for the congestion, but so far they haven't done anything in the past 12 hours. We'll see...

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