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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mystical Photography captures the beauty of San Francisco, the website of the San Francisco Chronicle, has long been at the forefront of online journalism, often forging the way for new ideas and technologies way in advance of other newspapers.

In the past year or two, they've added two dozen blogs to the site on topics ranging from local sports to local news, and although they don't all get billing on the Gate's front page, they're only a click away.

The one I've only just recently tuned in to is the photoblog of stalwart Chronicle photojournalist Fred Larson, called Mystical Photography. The Gate already had a big hit in my mind with the DIP (their Day in Pictures round-up of artistically exceptional, humorously interesting, and newsworthy photos from around the world), but I hadn't discovered Larson's photoblog until the other night.

Larson is well known as a Bay Area photographer whose images have for 25 years captured the beauty of living in and around San Francisco. I'm not as good as he is, but I'd sure relish the chance to make a living driving around every day just taking pictures. The Chronicle offers a book of Larson's works, many of which have been published in the newspaper, plus now offers prints of all the photos on the Mystical Photography photoblog.

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