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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oh "Snap!" it's "Wink!"

We hired this cute girl Leah (yes, I can still say that even though I'm married!) for the first video project to be produced in-house at Webshots. The show was being called "Snap!" for a long time, but apparently it got changed sometime in the last couple days to "Wink!"

It hasn't launched yet ( week), but this is a sneak peak. Sort of. It's actually just a test video they produced at MacWorld, and the real show will be a bit different. I just saw the new show intro they shot and it's really cool.

Episode Zero: The Macworld Special

Leah is notable for another reason (other than for being cute). She raised money to buy a MacBook Pro by selling sponsorship space on it to companies who would get their logos laser-etched into the 'Book's case.

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