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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Three Stooges apparently in charge over at Diebold Systems

First a Princeton University study showed that "a single person with 60 seconds of unsupervised access to the system, who either picked the lock (easy in 10 seconds) or had a key, could slip a vote-swapping virus onto a single machine which could then undetectably affect every other machine in the county to steal an entire election," according to the BradBlog.

Now one of the Princeton guys has discovered that Diebold was stupid enough to post a photo of the key used to access the machines, on their website. Not only that, there's only one key used for every voting machine sold. So, every pollworker in the U.S. had access to one (and could have easily copied it). As if that wasn't idiotic enough, the researcher showed he didn't even need the key. He found he could copy the key using only the photo posted on the Diebold website!

Who runs this company?

On a related happy note, I noticed yesterday that my credit union's ATMs are manufactured by...guess who...

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