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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday top 5

It's been a few weeks since I posted some Thursday distractions for you. Here's some stuff that I've been saving for up to six months. Ready...set...waste time!

BumpTop Desktop
This is an awesome little video demo of a computer desktop alternative where the environment is meant to mimick how people actually organize content on their real world desktops (often somewhat chaotically). Every item on the desktop is a 3D object with a physics model allowing you to create piles of stuff, toss stuff aside, shuffle through things, and much moer... I wonder if it would actually be useful. Regardless, it looks extremely cool. I wanna play with it!

"Tamacun" (live) by Rodrigo y Gabriela
Very cool classical guitarists (Jason will approve). They're playing Coachella this year, and I think they're coming back to San Francisco in March or something. A free MP3 of the studio recording of this song is also available from Download Music. Thanks to Liz D. for pointing me to this artist.

"Hey Ya!" Charlie Brown Style

Ooh, finally! Here's my chance to make it big!

Singin' in the rain
I don't know when this came out since I don't see commeercial TV all that often, but this is a pretty cool commercial.

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