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Monday, March 26, 2007

The big ol’ list of band names

UPDATED These are good (and not so good) band names that have popped into my head over the last few years, mostly stemming from misspellings in IM conversations with Ynnej.

Now all I need to do is start a band. And pick a name. Vote for your favorites!

Transcendentool new

My Mom and the Mexicans new

Hundred Humboldt Hippies new

The Bum Loogies new

Ginger Jesus new
(has to be a British band, where it has more meaning; if you don’t get why, look up ginger in the OED)

Worm Piñata (via Jenny and Chris) new
(good name for a metal band that plays at Mexican parties)

Jake the Mistake and the Horrific Sex Accidents Featuring Georgia O’Queef (via Jenny and Chris) new

The Vomettes

Peanut Butter and Jenny

Easter Thong

Absence of Pants

Particle Physicians

Middle Manager Death Scene

Squeaky Kitty

Floobie (alt: Floobie Doo)

Master of Sandwiches

Bumf*ck (note: Absotively must use the asterisk for best effect)

Bureaucratic Natterings

Nattering Nabobs

Mind Vomit (nod to Brian Boxall for this one)

Nod to Brian


Dust Scene

Electro-Kitten Death Squad

Enter the Wombat


How I Met Nixon

Pound Cat

Breath of Ezra

Pole Reversal

Double Ungood

Commemorative Edition

Classic Brass

Winston Winced

A Dozen Dates


No Spark

Sponge This

Noticed on the Corner


Far Afield

Outside the Danger Area

Ignatius Pomfrey

Left on St. Augustine

Critical Deth (these sort of metal names are always cool, right?)


Genepool Error

Exceptions for Small People

Met Her on the N Judah

This Space Intentionally Left Blank

All Funny Inside

Got My Towel


Dark Partygirl

Ordinary Rock Band

Vogon Poets

Exhausting Novel

Only One More

Private Equity Guy and the Bankroll Wailers

Juice Liberation Front

Candlestick Opera

Penny Farthing Institute


Not In My Shorts

Identity Crisis

Ms. Peld

There Must Be Something Better

Corporate Weasels

May Day Pictures

Guinea Pig Payment

Move to Alaska

Appropriate Level of Paranoia

Famous Monkeys Named Lyndon

Just an Asshole

Shhh! Phone Cops!

Ants Rule the Earth

Lucy on Central

Improvisational Pie in the Dark

Star-Struck Ballet

Comb-Over Kitten

Parrot Sled

Leaving for Homer


The Sprightly Mormons

The Liberal Slots

Slasher Sequence

The Marydots

The Chemistreetwalkers

Mickey and the Squeaky Wheel

Desert Judith

Payroll Error

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Blogger Ozark Handspun said...

Genepool Error has my vote.

3/27/2007 07:13:00 AM


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