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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We're moving!

Velma and I have been thinking of moving for a while, and she recently started looking into whether we could afford to buy a small starter home or condo or something. Alas, it looks like it'll be a year or two...or three...or four...before we can afford it.

But we wanted to move anyway. Velma's pretty sensitive to the street noise that comes from living on our busy street, and if we close the windows at night it's really too warm inside. I can sleep through pretty much anything, but it wakes her up if we leave the windows open all night. And our south-facing huge wall of windows heats the place up just way too much all day long, so we have to cool it off at night somehow.

There are other factors: A less sketchy neighborhood would allow Velma to feel safer on her walks to and from BART, for example. And having some actual greenery around would be nice.

So, after two and a half years of living in my cool loft that I like so much, we're saying goodbye to it and moving to a funky place about a mile away in Bernal Heights. It's got crooked floors and a strange (but large) kitchen, but we'll make it work somehow. Finally our odd assortment of chairs will fit in somewhere!

The move and new address will come sometime in the next month; we're supposed to sign the lease in a day or two.

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