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Thursday, August 02, 2007

No, this is not OK: Oklahoma fights global terrorism with, um, license plates

This is just dumb for so many reasons. Plenty of others will, I am certain, point out how retarded this is. But since few of them will likely discuss how retarded the design is, let me just do it briefly.

1. Dessert camo? Really? In...Oklahoma? And need I point out how completely offensive it is to presume that all terrorists live in dessert regions?

2. Nice clip art, buddy. Who designed this, an admin? Just so you know, copying a clip art building to make two of them does not exactly make you a designer. And you might want to make it the right building, or at least close. The World Trade Center didn't have big horizontal stripes between floors, you twat.

3. Design 101: Black on red is not readable. Especially tiny black numbers on a tiny little red banner...from a distance.

Hey Oklahoma. This makes you look like a bunch of idiots. And I'm not even talking about the design. I really wouldn't expect much better from a state agency, nor a license plate. I'm talking about the whole idea of commemorating (celebrating?) the "global war on terrorism" with a license plate. That's so incredibly nationalistic it's hard for me to put it in words how offended I am.

Not to mention the mind-boggling idea that some official at the Oklahoma State Tax Commission actually had the thought, "Hey, we could make money by offering a terrorism plate."

Oh, and your "designer" sucks too.

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Blogger jason said...

I think I know the first dumb feck who's going to sign up for this plate. I saw him up in Mt. Shasta with his 40+ ft. motorhome towing a car behind. O crikey! Did I say car?? He was towing his full blown Hummer, yes the big one, behind his motorhome, on a trailer. So you know, he could have a smaller tank to lumber up to the camp store for beer and jerkey.

In WWII they had a poster that showed a combat GI with the moto "Why should I die, so that you can drive?"

We need a new set of posters with Osama Bin Laden on them, standing next to a gas pump with a hummer filing up and a caption that says,
"Hey thanks for the money! I"ll use it to buy my infidel killing bombs. "

8/06/2007 01:30:00 PM


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