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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday top 5

Big Rig Jig
This sculpture is going to be at Burning Man. Waah! I wanna go.

Spoon's "Don't You Evah" (featuring Keepon)
Heh heh, cute dancing robots.

How to take a product-shot photo on a white background
A pretty simple method. I tried it out the other night, and while it's a little harder to get a really good result than it might first seem from this tutorial, it works pretty well.

Horn guy

Original Design Gangsta
"No widows, ya heard?!" Okay, only the design geeks are gonna get this, but what the hell.
BTW, the video's by illustrator Kyle T. Webster.

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Blogger ynnej said...

Bad link on that last one... unless YouTube's just buggy again.

8/20/2007 06:47:00 PM

Blogger espd said...

Works for me. Must've been YouTube.

9/07/2007 02:45:00 PM


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