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Monday, September 24, 2007

A possum under your dishwasher at 3am means you aren't getting much sleep

This was the scene last night / early this morning when I went to put the cat out and close the back door. Cat peering under the dishwasher (even for strange Orson, this is strange), and a little possum under said dishwasher.

Hmm. This is not ideal at 3-something in the morning.

We locked Orson in the other room, then tried shooing the scared little guy out, which he would have none of. We tried luring him out with cat food, to the same effect. Finally, after an hour or more of scratching out heads, we just built a barricade that made a corridor to the back door, and went to bed, hoping he'd make a break for it when the coast was clear.

In the morning, there was no sight of him. So he probably left of his own accord. Hopefully when I get home tonight there won't be a possum under my bed.

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