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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday top 5 with extra sauce

The redgrrl and I shall be gone for the next ten days in Hawaii, so I'm graciously serving up this week's Top 5 with an extra helping to tide you over next week too. Don't gobble it all up in one sitting, you might get indigestion.

I hope you all have a good holiday, and I'll post pictures from Hawaii when we return. Oh, and the photoblog has been pre-loaded with new pics through Dec 30, so you'll get shiny new things to look at every day if you like. Come by often! Tell a friend! Take a number! Uh, I dunno what I'm talking about...

Terry Fator doing "What a Wonderful World" on "America's Got Talent"
The Onion's AV Club included this song on their list of 23 Songs That Should Never Be Covered Again, but I gotta say this guy's rendition is entertaining.

PETA takes aim at the Olsen Twins
Wow. I don't want to get on PETA's bad side.

DJ Vader

Trader Joe's Dance Off
You know you want to work there.

Left or right brain?
Which do you use most?

Hip Hop violin: Paul Dateh and inka one

Visual effects deconstructed
Half-way though, they show you how the 3D fx are originated from real-life scenes.

Abandoned but not forgotten
Interesting abandoned places.

Inspirational corporate music video
"El Pollo Loco and Denny's mah friend! Our future's so bright, We're gonna let it shine in!" Sooooo. Verrrry. Bad. How do the musicians who wrote and recorded this travesty look themselves in the mirror?

24 hours of U.S. flight traffic shown as an animation

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