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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday top 5+1

Chuck Norris approved
Well, now I know who I'm voting for.

Pierre Henry "Psyché Rock"
Listen for the origin of the "Futurama" theme song.

Jim Houser interview
A typically conversational Fecal Face interview with illustrator Jim Houser. The best part is the ton of pictures of his home/workspace.

The Small Stakes
I have this Death Cab for Cutie shirt I really like, and it was designed by Jason Munn, who has churned out some amazing posters and designs over the past five years from his Oakland studio.

Consumer Consequences
An interactive game that asks, "What would the world look like if everyone lived like me?" You may have played games like this before (sometimes it's more like a quiz), but this one is notable in that it allows you to compare your answers at the end to other people's, including some American Public Media personalities. Thanks to Ynnej for the link.

"Here's to San Francisco Values!"
By a certain Julia.

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